Jozef Sedlák
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A tribute to an installation 1995

In the project the author composes his visions on the principle of multiple expositions, whereas the shutter of the camera is open for a long time. Using the principle of multiple exposition, the author gradually illuminates a skull and various body parts, and consequently pieces together the final image, which did not exist in the first place. It came into existence only through the photosensitive layer of photographic material. The resourceful utilization of drapery enables the verismo-laden beings, which we know do not exist in reality, come into existence: fishheads, runners, spider people, living headless torsos, handskulls... The strategies guard the realism of the picture, its so-called reality copying, to the maximum degree so that the final outcome lies in building the visionary world of unreal situations and relationships. The polarity of verismo and surrealism is still present.