Jozef Sedlák
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Carnival 1988-1997

Both the lightness of being and the heavy burden of life difficulties resonate in the Carnival (Venice 1994 - 1997 and the Asylum of social care in Patrónka 1988 - 1993) and it is within them that the carnival intoxication is shifted to bitter, cruel existential levels. The motion of carnival captured in the pictures is motivated by the cathartic pursuit of illusion and ideal. By donning masks a human being is thus revealing, releasing and cleansing himself. The two groups of people with unusual resemblence make the terms of natural and unnatural relative. Indirectly they point at what is generaly human on a human being and his nature.The Carnival speaks of dignity and self-respect, of the possibilities of human beings. The playful rationale determines both the nature of deeds of a human being and the social relationships to a substantial extent that cannot be overlooked and is an unconscious psychic need of a Homo Ludens, the playful human.
Jozef Ridilla