Jozef Sedlák
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Latency 2010

A cycle of historical portraits from the 30s of the 20th century copied on large, 70x120cm acrylic glass negatives. By the means of natural daylight the negatives create directly on the photographic paper the so-called surface latent image. The intensity and saturation of latent portraits is changing continuously with the intensity of light and the length of the presentation. The possibility of the repeated opening and closing of large negatives in the form of an imaginative window is influenced by the result and the nature of the effect of the latent process.

Latent image - an invisible change in photosensitive layer created by the exposition on visible image during development. The latent image is a small cluster of silver, the so-called grains of size of 4 up to 50 atoms of silver, the number of which depends on the exposure. The latent image can be formed either on the surface or within the crystals of silver bromide, forming the so-called surface and internal latent image.