Jozef Sedlák
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Postcards from USA (The New York City) 2001 - 2011

Not only does the Postcards from USA (The New York City) project represent the warlike virtual world of computer games for children and adults alike, but as well shows in the hands of civilians the faithful replicas of automatic firearms, which are the standard equipment and part of their pastime and confrontation with opponent. The ironic undertone of portayed New Yorkers having fun in computer games centres points at the massive character and scope of the culture. The pictures were taken in the state of New York three month before the September 11 attacks. The so-called street photography, the classic and pure photographic document that captures the ordinary life in New York, is utilized as a part of a spatial installation. The latent image is a symbol of reality and situation before the attacks and modifies the weapon not only as a program of a virtual game. The possibility of opening and closing of darkslides with latent images questions and make relative the feelings of safety, repose and joy from a game and a carefree stroll through the city.