Jozef Sedlák
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(Saints) 2014

An installation of several pictures named (Saints) - (St) Editka, (St) Joženo, (St) Margita, (St) granny Vlasta - represents a concept and a form of visual reflection on my family, acquaintances and those close to me. The project of recollection and reflecting life is a reference to Barthes? penetration of reality and Florensky?s vocation of artist that leads us through the state of output, from what is real to what is more real (a reabilus ad realiora), a certain type of incarnation - of personal, aesthetic, ethic, thought, and formal materialization as well. The status of sanctity, on which the project touches, has a strict procedural basis in the Christian liturgy and canon law. The symbolic meaning of apropriation of gloriette conveys the conclusion of the physical and continuation of the spiritual story of a human being. Through the mosaic of trivial pictures of immediate reminiscence of a close person are interpreted the images of status of sanctity, whereas the central mourning portrait represents not only how the reality appears physically, but metaphysically as well. The pictures represent a form of conceptual document combined with postproduction process.