Jozef Sedlák
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Of democracy of light... of literature of light... II 1989 – 2011

Traditionally, hands are the symbol of ultimate distinction and personal experience of a human being. The representation succumbs to the democracy of light and literature of light. The effort to reveal the essence of particular human existence matures in images in which the individual is suppressed and the general comes into forefront.

The Of democracy of light... of literature of light II picks up on an older project from the end of 80s of the last century performed with analog black and white photography. Primarily it touches on the then expected political changes taking place at the same time in every surrounding states of Central Europe, including Slovakia. Adjusted as museum arfifacts, individual ideas in smaller black and white analog photography are multiplied and applied by the postproduction digital technology on large formats. Compared to the original black and white monochromatic pictures, vivid hue is important for the large format digital photo canvases which symbolize the technological, philosophical and political advancement of society and the medium of photography.